About Me

Hello! I’m Andrea.

A passionate vegetarian for most of my life! I made the switch at age 15 — it was as if I awoke– my teenage rebellion met my compassionate heart and a new world opened. I quickly discovered that by being conscious of what food I was eating it could make a difference. Growing up with a meat centered diet as most of us have, this was all I new. Why did “we” eat this way? It wasn’t until many years later I began to understand  how capitalist interests were at the center of the meat producing industry. I will share more on that in a future post… . For now, I just would like to share my enthusiasm for FINALLY starting this blog and truly hope it will help those considering vegetarianism or serve as a helpful resource for those of you who have already made the commitment. I am interested in building a community here and welcome your ideas and interests to expand the Veggie Star Blog 

Thanks, Andrea